President receives Abbas’ emissary

SANA’A, (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh received Sunday head of Fatah bloc at the Palestinian Legislation Council Azzam al-Ahmed as envoy of the Palestinian President Mohmoud Abbas to to deliver a letter from Abbas to Saleh.Abbas’s letter deals with the reciprocal ties between the two nations and means of supporting and boosting them as well as the latest developments in the Palestinian arena and efforts exerted to resolve dispute between Fatah and Hamas movements. The letter also contains appreciation of the Palestinian leadership for Saleh’s initiative to bring about a halt to the Palestinian split. The Palestinian envoy expressed thanks of the Palestinian leadership and people for Yemen’s efforts and unlimited support for struggle of the Palestinians to regain their own independent state with Al-Quds the capital. President Saleh reconfirmed trust in the Palestinian competence to unite efforts in order to achieve their national goals of freedom and independence, underscoring the fact that internal dispute would merely serve the Israeli enemy as well as enemies of the Arab and Islamic nations. He pointed out that the best way out of this crisis is to return to dialogue. Saleh caused the Palestinian emissary convey greetings and wishes of success and stability to Abbas. AM/AM Saleh