President receives Iranian President’s envoy

SANA’A, June 08(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh received here on Thursday the Iranian president’s emissary Ali Larjani, chairman of
the NationalSecurity and Iran nuclear file official.

In the meeting, the Irania n official handed over a letter to president Saleh from his Iranian counterpart president Mahmud

The letter dealt with the bilateral relations and means of reinforcing mutual cooperation between the two countries.

It also tackled the Iranian nuclear file developments and Iran’s stance toward these developments, in addition to the current
situations in theregion, specially in Iraq
and Palestine.

In the meeting, president Saleh discussed with Iranian officials cooperation ties between the two countries, particularly in the security field andterror fighting.

President Saleh expressed support of Yemen for rights of Iran to possess nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

He said that the significance that Arab and Islamic countries equip with sciences and technology to have nuclear energy for peaceful
purposes andto produce power due to possibilities of gas and petrol depletion.

President caused Larjani to convey greetings to president Najadi and the Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Hoseini-Khamenei Ayatollah and, wishing Iranian people more progress and welfare.