President receives Saada representatives in the Parliament

SANA’A, July 05 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh received, on Thursday, Saada parliamentary representatives and discussed with them the latest situations in Saada in the light of exerted efforts to end the al-Houthi’s insurgence, as well as rebuilding the war-afflicted establishments and areas. President called upon representatives of Saada the in the Parliament to play their role in following up the governorate issues and confronting those elements who want to unrest the governorate and hinder its developmental process. MP Othman Mujali expressed, on behalf of Saada MPs, appreciation for Saleh’s wisdom and care to bring Saada back to peace and security for the sake of its locals, affirming his absolute rejection of the rebellious acts done by al-Houthi’s supports and described them as misguided and backward. He asserted strong discontentment of and apology of all Saada national loyalists for the al-Houtis illegal opposition against the state sovereignty, saying that he, along with Saada state stalwarts, have been, and would continue, standing firm in front of al-Houthis’ destructive actions and intentions. AM/AM Saba