President receives US Congress delegation

SANA’A, Feb 19 ( Saba )- President Ali Abdullah Saleh received on Monday the delegation of the American Congress headed by the head of the PermanentCommission of Intelligence Affairs in the Congress, Silvestre Reis. The meeting focused on ways to improve mutual cooperation in all fields and the latest developments in the region, especially in Palestine, Iraq,Lebanon, Somalia and Afghanistan. The head of the delegation highlighted democratic experience in Yemen, saying that the recent presidential and local elections were fair andheld transparently as well as raised up reputation of Yemen at international level. He said the accession of Yemen into the program of Millennium Challenge Fund came due to reforms and democratic level that Yemen have achieved. He praised the role of Yemen in combating terrorism. President Saleh reviewed with the delegation the Yemeni vision toward current regional developments. He affirmed important role of the Untied States in settling peace in the region. Confronting terrorism can’t be made unless there are efforts to reduce poverty and unemployment as well as achieve international justice, he said. FR/AH SABA