President Saleh addresses Yemeni community in Saudi capital

RIYADH, August 30 (Saba)- A speech was delivered on Tuesday by President Ali Abdullah Saleh in a meeting with members of the Yemeni community in the Saudi capital Riyadh on the occasion of the Eid al-Fitr. In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate, Brothers of the Yemeni community in Saudi Arabia, have a blessed Eid, and a happy and prosperous new year. This is the first time I celebrate the Eid outside the country and I am pleased to celebrate it with brothers from the Yemeni community in Saudi Arabia and under the patronage of King Abdullah Bin-Abdul-Aziz. We have received the care and recognition from the moment we set foot in this neighbourly and host country. My colleagues and I in the political leadership, civilians and military, have received superior medical care in the Armed Forces Hospital, King Faysal Specialist Hospital, the National Guard Hospital, and all the other hospitals in Al-Taif and Jeddah. This took place under the patronage of King Abdullah which is something that neither we nor our people shall forget for many generations to come. The Jeddah Treaty has opened new horizons in the brotherly relations between the two neighbourly countries which were difficult notably after many years of give and take but were resolved by a political decision in Jeddah and with the political will of King Abdullah. Hence, the Yemeni community in the Kingdom received attention and care from the King, the Kingdom's leadership, the princes, and all the civilian and military brothers in the Kingdom. The Yemeni community, which amounts to approximately 1.2 million, is in a very good condition. They work in several facilities, whether official, popular, government, or commercial. They are the best ambassadors to Yemen in Saudi Arabia in terms of behaviour, high morals, integrity, and honesty which we pride ourselves on. Our community in the Kingdom has earned the respect of their brothers in the Kingdom. I am very satisfied with the understanding, brotherhood, solidarity, and tolerance within the Yemeni community in the Kingdom as well as in the United States, the United Kingdom, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar. I hope that the tolerance and brotherhood which exist within the Yemeni communities abroad reflect in the same manner in Yemen without hatred or envy. The grace of God is to those who work diligently. We highly value this good behaviour of our Yemeni community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I urge you to be perseverant and patient and as is the case to renounce hate and envy. What is happening in Yemen is a result of hatred, envy, chronic disease, and long-time accumulations. It is all accumulation, hate, and envy. He who does not own something cannot give it away. Those who went to the so-called Sana’a University Square to support the youth revolution and call for the downfall of the regime - which achieved unity, freedom, democracy, extracted minerals and oil, opened roads, and built universities - aim at bringing another regime filled with corruption, and arms and land dealers who believe they are above the law before the security personnel in Yemen. The corrupt people fled to the University Square to corrupt others. No matter what they say, our people know them well enough and know who they are. They were a burden on the political system. They complained that the political system defended and protected the corrupt. If there should be complaints about the political system, it would be against those who went to the university squares. So let them and their likes be gone [applause]; they are corrupt liars and deceivers. Our people know very well who they are whether they are in Yemen or abroad. From God came the broadcast, audio-visual, print media, and satellite channels to reveal everything and show everything for what it is. You can tell a person from his posture, smile, the wrinkles on his face, painted smiles, and a false rhetoric. It is shameful that they have no disgrace in lying. This is the biggest disgrace, say what you like but say the truth. They are liars, they speak and a person who does not even know them can tell that they are lying. You can tell that they are lying just by looking at their faces, the wrinkles on their face, and the tone of their voices, and their gestures. Some of those who preach cannot put two sentences together and others - who are hired to write speeches - do the job for them. Some political parties were proficient in finding hired people, whether they ran for presidency, for government or military positions; they were proficient in choosing those parasite elements that are only good at sabotage. Sabotage is easy but building is hard and requires will, determination, resolution, and generosity. In all cases, I reiterate my congratulations to you, members of the Yemeni community in Saudi Arabia and all over the world and I hope that the people in Yemen follow the example of their brothers abroad in terms of honesty, brotherhood, tolerance, forgiveness, understanding, and generosity. These are the good ambassadors of Yemen; the Yemen of 22 May 1990. These are the good ambassadors and I hope you remain as such, honest, trustworthy, fulfilling your duties sincerely, serving this country in which you reside, your families and Yemen. Once more, congratulations on the blessed occasion of the Eid al-Fitr. May God's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. Saba