President Saleh and PM discuss development and economic issues

SANA’A, June 10 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh met on Saturday with prime minister Abdul- Qader Ba- Jammal and ministers of interior, finance,electricity, public works and roads.
The ministers briefed the president on their reports over level of work and the projects that already implemented.
He gave orders to electricity minister to implement the electrical energy projects to meet the gradual needs for electricity supply and the development requirements.
Saleh stressed on the importance of establishing electrical projects with economic benefit, by establishing more joint networks among the governorates.
He also directed ministry of public works and roads to complete all road sprojects to facilitate people transportation.
Saleh also ordered the ministry to coordinate with the local authorities to accelerate the pavement of some minor streets by stones especially in the governorates’ capital cities to create more work chances.
He also gave his directives to the government to put an executive plan for the YR 20 billion sum allocated for the small and medium micro enterprise. President Saleh also talked over the security services, ordering
interior ministry to improve and update these services. He directed finance ministry and other concern bodies to work in
updating revenues and put fit mechanism to fight tax evasion and encouraging the investment to enhance the national economy. TD /TN