President Saleh attends parade

SANA'A, Sept 25 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh along with Vice President Abdu-Rabu Mansor Hadi attended here on Thursday the graduation ceremony of the new batches of military and security academies and institutes, held at the parade square of the military academy. The ceremony marks the 41st anniversary of 26 September and 40th anniversary of 14 October. The graduating batches included the 38th batch of Military Academy, 20th batch of Navy and Air Defense Academy, 35th batch of the Police Academy and other new batches from security and military institutes. In the ceremony, Defense Minister Abdullah Ali Alewa delivered a speech, in which he congratulated graduates, describing them as "new bloods in the security and military forces." He conveyed congratulations of the president to all individuals of the military and security forces that are protecting security and stability of the country as well as goals of Yemeni revolution. He said, "We feel proud for developments achieved in this national institution in fields of building and rehabilitation." He pointed out to the interest of the President Ali Abdullah Saleh in enhancing capacities of the military and security forces through developing institutes and academies. In his speech, he pointed out to the current developments in the region, especially in Palestine and Iraq. In a similar speech, Deputy Chief of Staff Saeed Al-Ubid reviewed the process of developing military facilities during previous past four decades, pointing out to achievements in the training sector for units of military and security forces . Ubid praised interest of the political leadership in providing requirements of military building especially in training and rehabilitating individuals of the military and security forces. In the course of the ceremony, president Saleh honoured 18 new air force pilots who were trained in the country. Then, the vice president rewarded top students of the batches. The ceremony was attended by Speaker of the parliament Sheikh Abdullah bin Hussein Al-Ahmer, Prime Minister Abdul-Qader Ba-Jammal, Chairman of Shura council Abdul-Aziz Abdul-Ghani and other senior officials and diplomats AH/KM SABA 25/09/2003 14:48 GMT