President Saleh Calls for activating the treaty of Common Arab

SANA’A July 13 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh called on Wednesday for holding an Arab emergency summit, demanding for activating the treaty of the Arab common defense to face the Israeli aggression against Palestine and Lebanon. ” If we activate the treaty of Arab common defense that represent the unification of the Arab nation as one family and the Palestinian bloodis Arab blood and the Lebanese and the Syrian bloods are Arab blood” Saleh said in an interview with Alarabia TV. Channel. In a replay to a question regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict which becomes today a Palestinian-Israeli conflict Saleh said that this conflict is in reality the Arab-Israeli conflict but with the absence of the Arab solidarity it becomes a Palestinian-Israeli conflict. “If there is Arab solidarity and if we activate the treaty of the Arab common defense, Israel wouldn’t risk to launch such aggressive acts and wouldn’t ignore the International conventions and the International legislation resolutions,” Saleh added. He said we are demanding for holding an extraordinary Arab summit to discuss the current critical and serious situations in Palestine, Lebanon, Somalia and the daily killings in Iraq. NA/TN SABA