President Saleh calls for reconciliation and tolerance

ADEN,Dec.20(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh attended on Monday the scientific symposium organized by Aden University under the motto " Yemen is first". At the symposium, which was titled "the political and legal dimensions of the constitutional entitlement of the State of unity", President Saleh delivered a speech, in which he dealt with several national issues. He pointed to the great importance of this symposium, especially in light of the changes at the national arena, in which participants will present their visions on the unity and the constitutional entitlement of the Yemeni people towards the parliamentary elections. Saleh congratulated all sons of the homeland on all the achievements that have been realized at the democratic level, which is a fruit of the Yemeni people's struggle and continued sacrifices. He indicated that this symposium represents an opportunity for discussion with transparency and high responsibility. "We are with reconciliation and tolerance, and we have announced this early after the Reunification of Yemen on May 22, 1990, then we called for closing the files of the past", said Saleh. "We need to close these files and start a new page after the 22nd of May", he added. He pointed out that the problem of some people is that they do not understand the new changes and still live with the culture prior to the Yemeni revolution. "Let's talk about freedom, democracy and peaceful transfer of power, and negotiate to reach an understanding to close the files of the past, and how we look to the future and build a modern Yemen", Saleh said. President Saleh pointed out that despite of all challenges, great achievements have been accomplished at the various paths, including democracy, development, infrastructure and culture. The voice of unity had risen from Aden more than any other place, he said ,adding that Aden has hosted a lot of political forces, who grew up in Aden and struggled for the Yemeni revolution of September and October. In his speech, President Saleh also reviewed phases and steps that led to achieving the national unity as well as the challenges that accompanied these phases and the period after the reunification up to the war of 1994. Saleh wished success for the symposium at end of his speech, noting that there would be another symposium in next January. BASaba