President Saleh chairs GPC General Committee meeting

SANA’A, Feb. 07 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh chaired on Sunday evening a meeting of the General Committee of the General People's Congress party on many of local issues and developments. In the meeting, the committee reviewed the initiative announced last Wednesday by President Saleh in a joint meeting of the Parliament and the Shoura Council, in which he called for the resumption of dialogue among political parties through a quartet committee for developing the political system. The committee welcomed and supported the initiative which materialize the keenness of the President to address the issues of the country through dialogue, maintain the best interest of the country and avoid slide towards conflicts and insecurity. It also called on the opposition parties to respond affirmatively to this initiative in order to serve the higher national interest. The committee expressed appreciation for the interaction of the GPC supporters and civil society organizations with the initiative, praising their stances supporting security, stability and development as well as their rejection of all acts of anarchy and destruction. The committee confirmed its commitment to the orders of the President to calm the situation, deciding to stop holding marches and rallies or running media campaigns, and create a positive atmosphere to succeed the dialogue. In addition, many of the economic issues were discussed. It pointed to a number of steps, measures and reforms the government should undertake to tackle economic challenges, and ensure better living conditions through advancing the national economy, providing jobs, reducing unemployment, encouraging investments and giving priority to the projects of electricity and water desalination in the provinces of Ibb, Taiz and Sana'a. Finally, the general committee of the GPC strongly condemned the barbaric attack against Sana’a Governor Noman Doid, demanding the security agencies to catch perpetrators and bring them to justice. YA Saba