President Saleh chairs NDC’s meeting

SANA’A, April 10 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh chaired the National Defense Council (NDC) meeting on Tuesday and discussed a number of issues and topics included in its agenda.The meeting dedicated to issues related to the enhancement of defense and security capabilities and the implementation level of modernization programs in addition to the way of implementing the security plan in the country. The also dealt with reports of security committee on the latest developments in Sa’ada province in the light of armed and security forces confrontation for the criminal acts of the law breaker and terrorist elements who are committing criminal acts against people, security and military individuals as well as the private and public intuitions.The NDC reviewed the investigations results and serious confession of some elements who were arrested.The confessions revealed the truth and the real goals behind their terrorists acts, the first of them is the rebellion against republican system and reviving the Imamate rule.The confessions also revealed that the motto “Death for America … Death for Israel” is only a pretext to cover their real goals for carrying weapons against the constitutional institutions and committing crimes by killing citizens and individuals of military and security forces. The NDC praised the national role and excellent performance of armed and security forces and their confrontation for the terrorist elements acts. It also praised the national spirit of citizens in Sa’ada province and the other provinces for their support to their brothers in armed and security forces. MS/TN SABA