President Saleh chairs senior officials meeting

SANA’A, Feb. 11 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh- the Supreme Commander of the armed forces- chaired on Friday evening an expanded meeting of the National Defence Council, political leaders and the security committee. In the meeting, they discussed several issues regarding economic aspects and the efforts of construction and modernization of the armed forces and security as well as issues related to improving the wages of government staff and personnel of the armed and security forces. They also reviewed ways to reduce expenditures and raise incomes and revenues. The participants in the meeting endorsed the launch of financial allowances for the government employees and personnel of the armed and security forces, following the application of the 3rd phase of the strategy of wages and salaries in order to improve their living conditions. The meeting also approved necessary measures to reduce public expenditures of all government facilities and stop purchasing any accessories or building any unnecessary buildings, giving priority to equip the completed buildings and facilities. In addition, They stressed the need to raise public revenues, increase the resources and activate the revenues of tax, customs, communications, oil, minerals, fisheries and others. The meeting also stressed the need to combat tax evasion and take legal action against taxes and customs duties evaders. It discussed several issues on its agenda and took appropriate decisions about them. YA Saba