President Saleh holds talks with Chirac in Paris

PARIS, Nov. 14 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh held talks on Monday with French President Jacques Chirac at the Alicia palace in
Paris.The talks focused on economic and security cooperation and French investments in Yemen the Yemen , the available investment
opportunities as well asthe big facilities offered for forging investors. The Liquid Natural Gas project which is run by French
company Total considers as one big investmental projects in Yemen.
The two leaders discussed efforts of the security cooperation between the two countries particularly in fighting terror and means of
developingdemocratic dialogue in the region within framework of G8 summit. They also discussed the rich countries support for the
developing countriesto enable them overcome the challenges they face and to reduce the poverty rates and unemployment in these countries.
President Saleh briefed his French counterpart on results of his visit to United States and Japan.
The talks of the two leaders addressed the latest developments in the region especially in Palestine, Iraq and African Horn as well as the
developmentsin Syria after the latest UN resolutions and Mehlis’s report over the investigations in killing the former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hiriri.
President Saleh highlighted the level of the Yemeni-French ties and friendship, appreciating the aid offered by the France to improve
development and security capabilities in Yemen.
He affirmed the French role in pushing forward the peace process in the middle east, emphasizing on the importance of practicing
pressure onIsrael to comply with roadmap and UN resolutions related to Arab-Israeli conflict. He said that the establishment of the
independent Palestinian state is the key for realizing a fair peace in the region. He also called to open direct dialogue with Syria and
concerned partiesas the last voiced readiness to response and cooperate with Mehlis’s committee and UN resolutions to avid a new
problem in the region and serve stability in the region.
He wished realizing security and stability in Iraq, saying it is important to involve all Iraqi parties without any exception in
drawing future ofIraq and building democracy and freedom in the Arab country. The French president said that the Yemeni-French ties are
strong, confirming concern of France to enhance its relations and partnership with Yemen through supporting democracy and development in it. He praised achievements of Yemen in field of democracy and reforms under the leadership of the president Saleh. He said that the democracy in Yemen is a good example in the region and receives appreciation of the international community.