President Saleh inspects several directorates in Mareb and Sana’a

SANA’A, Sep. 03(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid an inspection visit today to a number of districts in the governorates of Mareb and Sana’a, where he inspected the citizens conditions and their needs. He was received by the officials, local council’s members, Sheikhs and social dignitaries. He gave his instructions to the concerned authorities to meet the people’s needs within the state’s plan and local councils. He re-emphasized on the necessity of tackling the vengeance issues and renewing the reconciliation relates to the revenge that is to come to its end on the 25th of September for two and a half years. He pointed out to the positive results of the conciliation over the past period, and many avenge problems were resolved and citizens enjoyed safety and security and being able to look after their interests. He also clarified that there will be a call for holding a conference to address revenge problems. The president was accompanied in his tour by Sheikh Nagi Abdul-Aziz Al-Sha’ef, advisor of the president, Dr. Adnan Al-Gifery, minister of legal affairs,Abdullah Hussein Al-Basheary, minister of state, secretary general oftherepublic presidium , Mr. Esmaeel Al-Wazear and Judge Ahmed Aqabat, both of them, members of Shoura Council, Sheikh Gobran MuJahed Abu Shwareb, member of parliament and brigadier Ali Muhssen Saleh, commander ofthe northeastern zone. AK/TN SABA