President Saleh meets GPC’s parliamentary bloc members

SANA’A- President Ali Abdullah Saleh met here on Sunday with members of the General People’s Congress (GPC)’s parliamentary bloc.

At the meeting, President Saleh welcomed the parliamentarians and briefed them on the underway developments at the national arena.

He hoped coming up with useful results whether in legislation and oversight area, or towards what is going on from the repercussions by the JMPs, the calls of separatists in south and Houthis in the north, as well as al-Qaeda and the biggest worry for the homeland which is the economic worry.

Saleh noted to the events witnessed by some Arab countries, pointing that some in Yemen seek to mimic what happened in Tunisia and Egypt, as well as what is happening in Libya, which is the worst.

“Regrettably, whenever we have some concessions and reforms in response to the opposition desire, whether legal or illegal , the roof of demands rises and this action is non-democratic “, Saleh said.

He added: “They have to respect the majority opinion and we respect the opinion of the minority”.

The State president and the parliament’s speaker would go, and other leadership would come, but by democracy and peaceful exchange of power rather than through the mob and chaos, Saleh indicated.

He pointed to the damages resulted from the vandlaism and chaos acts in some districts of Aden province, urging the legislators to carry out their role in the legislative and oversight aspects instead of hearing the propaganda by some persons with dual attitudes.

President Saleh pointed that there is a media storm in the world and there is an operations room to manage the media.

“I am not with the survival of any leader or ruler forever”, Saleh affirmed.

“There is a malicious media attack and will continue, but it should not scare us”, he said noting that some foreign media that adopt the campaign do not cover the facts and events impartially in Yemen.

He stressed the importance of peaceful exchange of power through the ballot box, which keep the homeland away from strife and chaos and safeguard the stability and public order and all great gains of the homeland.

He praised the successes achieved by the Yemeni parliament and the developments witnessed by its legislative and oversight performance over the past two decades within the democratic experince in Yemen.

In the meeting, the attendants discussed on a number of issues and developments at the national arena as well as the challenges faced by the country and the national dialogue.