President Saleh meets Japanese prime minister

TOKYO, Nov. 07(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh met here on Monday with the Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi who welcomed him and said his visit to Japan would enhance friendly and cooperation relations between the two countries.

During the meeting, president Saleh discussed with Koizumi ways of strengthening the bilateral relations and aspects of common cooperation between Yemen and Japan in various fields that serve the common interests of the two nations.

The talks tackled also the economic and trade partnership between the two friendly countries and the Japanese support for development and democracy
in Yemen, in addition to the investment opportunities available in Yemen.

They discussed the possibility of establishing many Japanese factories for cars and electronics, especially in the Aden Free Zone to cover needs
of the Middle East and Africa region, in addition to exerted efforts to fight terrorism.

On the other hand, Saleh emphasized the importance of the Japanese role in pushing peace process in the region, in addition to the situations
in Palestine, Iraq, and the African Horn.

He highly appreciated what Japanese government did offer of aids for the development process in Yemen, confirming Yemen’s care to institute good
and strong relations with the Japanese government and people.

Japanese Prime Minister confirmed his government interest to enhance and develop the bilateral relations and fields of cooperation with Yemen,
pointing out that Yemen had played important role to keeping regional stability and peace.

He showed Japan readiness to set up many vital projects including factories, electricity and water barriers and dams.