President Saleh meets officials in Taiz

TAIZ May 11 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh met here on Thursday with members of the Taiz Local Council and executive bureaus in addition to the social figures of the Taiz districts.
In the meeting, president Saleh pointed out to successful experience of the local councils during past years.
He added that in the beginning of the experience was slow but now the performance of the local councils was excellent.
He confirmed that the successes of the local councils to enhance popular participation in making decision.
He said that parties have to compete through the electoral boxes without any problems with others.
He said that Yemeni people is great people and receives admiration of the foreign world.
“We will invite the international observers to supervise the coming elections, saying we have not exception in this regard, he said.
President Saleh pointed out that our people would partake in this democratic

event through seven thousands leaders in the local council from the various political parties, considering it as great event.

The coming event would be added to the achievements of the nation during the last years, where our experience was successful withier in the parliamentary election, local election or the presidential elections.

He pointed out that neighboring countries benefit from the Yemeni democratic process as we benefit from experiences of others.

“We are very interesting to teach and benefit from positive experiences in any place in Arab or non Arab countries, he said.

He renewed his invitation for the political parties to avoid the political crisis and adopt dialogue in framework of the national principle and the Republic of Yemen’s constitution.