President Saleh meets officials of Lahj and al-Dali

SANA'A, June 10 (Saba) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh received on Thursday members of the Parliament, Shoura Council and officials of Lahj and al-Dali provinces.The meeting focused on issues related to development and security in the two provinces as well as efforts exerted to combat outlaw elements that disturb the stability in both provinces.President Saleh addressed the officials, calling on them to shoulder their responsibility to come out with suggestions to resolve issues in the provinces, pointing out to the trend of the state to extend power of the local councils to run the local affairs.The president also called on them to hold an urgent meeting to discuss problems of citizens and needs of the development in the two provinces in addition to resolve security and lands issues.He said political activities are legal, but "We reject violence, destroy, roads block, culture of abhorrence, and attacks against public and private possessions."President Saleh worried outlaw elements, saying that the state would not allow them to mishandle the security, stability, public peace and unity of the nation.He asked the officials and elders of the two provinces to stop those elements who try to damage the good reputation of the Lahj and al-Dali citizens, saying that these elements are few and criminals supported by mercenaries. He made it clear that the central authority would support efforts of strengthening security and stability in the provinces.AH