President Saleh meets Saudi newspapers chief editors

SANA’A, May 30, (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh held talks Monday with the visiting editors-in-chief of many Saudi newspapers. President Saleh welcomed the Saudi journalists warmly saying that the Yemeni-Saudi relations have been always flourishing especially since the bilateral signature of Jeddah International Treaty. President Saleh highlighted the role of the Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz for cementing the relations between the two fraternal nations. “His visit to Yemen while celebrating the 10th anniversary of Yemen’s National Day, Reunification, was a forerunner for patching up the border disputes between Yemen and the kingdom,” said Saleh. The Arab Summit has produced satisfying resolutions that just need to be put into effect, President Saleh said in answer to a question about the importance of the Arab Summit held a few days ago in Tunisia. He slammed Israel for besieging the Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat. He said that the implementation of any Arab resolutions and initiatives must be guaranteed first and then the resolutions be issued “so that Arabs don’t lose more”. “Arabs have underwent many ordeals and they have to learn from their bitter experiences.” As for the Iraq issue, Saleh said Yemen’s standpoint toward what happened in Iraq was clear and publicized. “We have always called for quick withdrawal of occupation forces and empowering Iraqis to govern themselves. “Yemen is in favor of a free, democratic and independent Iraq that rejoins the international community at the backing of the United Nations.” The President ruled out dispatching Yemeni peacekeeping forces to Iraq “at a time when the occupation is still there.” “When a legitimate Iraqi authority happens to win the approval of the Iraqi people and our aid is asked for, the Iraqis, as fraternal people, will get it.” Terrorism, Saleh said, is a serious evil that has affected everyone and needs to be addressed by everyone as well. He noted that “not the excessive use of force” or “sheer theological reeducation of militants” are the means which Yemen used to uproot the scourge.” combination of both, a bit of each, worked well.” AA/NS SABA