President Saleh : No more concessions from now on

SANA'A, March 27 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Sunday that he would not offer more concessions in future.This came in President Saleh's speech at the fourth session of the General People's Congress (GPC)'s Standing Committee held Sunday in the Police College in the capital Sana'a and attended by over one thousand GPC members. He noted that all concessions have been made by him so far were not decided individually ,but in coordination and agreement with the GPC's leadership. In his speech ,Saleh referred to the importance of this session, which is being held under difficult conditions experienced by the homeland.He reviewed the latest developments over the past two months that led to the recent crisis, pointing that since the presidential election in 2006 ,the situation escalates gradually within the Yemeni arena, demonstrations and sit-ins.Democracy means that people breath and talk reasonably within national principles, but they went too far and misunderstood democracy, he added."I derive my strength from the people, not from the tank", he said.Saleh stated that al-Qaeda, Houthi rebels, joint meeting parties (JMP) and those who left the army have become in an alliance against the regime and the majority.He emphasized "if we stand up together to face this challenge ,the crisis will end."The president warned of sectarian and tribal strife if the opposition continued to reject the solutions provided by him, including his acceptance of the eight points presented by scholars and what came in his recent initiatives at the parliament and the general national congress.Who must depart is the one who conspires the country, not the owner of constitutional legitimacy, said Saleh."Brothers in the opposition propose a condition that if the president departs power, he should not communicate with the people, and this reflects their fears", said Saleh expressing his regret for such intransigent conditions.He renewed the call for dialogue and agreement on a peaceful transfer of power .BA