President Saleh receives Arab, foreign ambassadors credentials

SANA’A, Aug. 22(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh received on Tuesday a number of credentials of many foreign and Arab ambassadors. President Saleh received the credentials of ambassadors of Saudi Arabia Ali Bin Mohammad Al-Hamdan, of Sudan Mohammad Adam, of Mauritania Al-Khadhor Wild Mohammad, of Switzerland Morris Diaries, of Malta Godwin Montanaro, of Bosnia and Herzegovina Razam Cholich, of Cyprus Avistasius Adrvanidonis, of Angola Bidrohindric Nito and of Korea Li Jai Jil. Meanwhile, president Saleh had meetings with the ambassadors separately. They convoyed the regards of their countries leaders to president Saleh. Saleh welcomed the diplomats and affirmed the government would offer them all necessary facilities to carry out their duties perfectly. They confirmed they would do the best to improve the bilateral relations and enhance the joint cooperation fields between Yemen and their countries. TD/KN/NS