President Saleh receives senior officials

SANA'A, Sep. 26 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh received on Sunday senior Yemen officials who congratulated him on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the Yemeni Revolution.President Saleh met Vice President Abd Rabu Mansour Hadi, Speaker of the Parliament Yahya al-Rae'e, Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Mujawar and Chairman of the Shura Council Abdu- Aziz Abdul-Ghani, as well as senior civil and military officials who expressed greetings and congratulations to the President on the Yemeni revolution.The officials said that the Yemeni people achieved more gains and achievements, including various political and economic aspects, since the establishment of the Yemeni revolution and unity.They pointed out this national occasion comes as the process of development and achievements at various levels is raising that translates the goals of the Yemeni revolution, including the unity, democracy and development.Under his leadership of the country, they also cited the achievements of Yemen at different levels as a result of its approach to serve the issues of right, justice and peace, pointing out the results of the meeting of the Friends of Yemen in New York reflected these prestigious and the keenness of friendly countries to support Yemen's security, stability and unity.YASaba