President Saleh receives youths of Lahj and al-Dali

SANA’A May 21 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh received on Thursday received a youth convoy of Lahj and al-Dali governorates which was organized by the Yemen Youths Union under slogan” Yemen is first”. The convoy visited several governorates of the country and organized cultural and art activities within popular celebrations across the country on 19th anniversary of establishing Republic of Yemen and re-unification on 22nd May of 1990. President Saleh welcomed the youths of the two governorates, appreciating their efforts to convey a clear message to all youths that the people is with the unity of the nation. He said that there are elements trying to create disorder and disturb security and stability of the nation, adding that the youths should believe on security, stability and democracy. He pointed out to the misery of the separation, imamate rule and colonialism in both former parts of Yemen as many people killed. President Saleh said that the re-unification gathered capacities of both former parts and changed Yemen to be modern country. He also reviewed achievement and development projects in southern eastern governorates in field of education, roads and electricity, saying that Aden governorate became a big economic city. President Saleh affirmed importance of the dialogue to resolve all issues of the nation, calling on “elements of vandalism” for dialogue. If there is problem in al-Dali, Radfan, Yafa, Sobiha, Hota in Abyan or any place should be discussed through representatives of these regions in the parliament, he said. AH Saba