President Saleh says goodbye to power

SANA’A- President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Monday goodbye to the power ,which he said would remain a mulct and not a gain in his view and view of all wise men.

This came in his speech to the Yemeni people on the occasion of the early presidential election, in which he urged the people to vote for Abdo Rabu Mansour Hadi as President of the Republic.

“This event comes in the framework of the implementation of what we adopted for the smooth and peaceful transition of power to take out our country and steadfast people from the acute and bitter crisis, which lasted a whole year and resulted in hindering the development process”, he said.

He noted that reaching this political settlement comes by virtue of the Gulf initiative and its implementation mechanism.

President Saleh expressed his confidence in the ability of people to overcome all tragedies caused by the crisis, and their interaction with all that maintains the nation and preserves its gains.

In his speech, Saleh thanked the neighboring countries, especially the GCC countries, as well as the General People’s Congress (GPC), its allies and all independent forces for their positions.

He concluded his speech, saying g “I am taking to you today with an open heart and with high confidence that you will adhere to the principles ,values and constants that you, your fathers and grandfathers have sacrificed for them, in forefront of which are the revolution, the republic, unity, democracy and freedom”.

” I will remain with you as a citizen loyal to his homeland, people and nation as you have known me through thick and thin, performing my duty and my role in serving the country and its just issues through the GPC”, he added. .