President Saleh: Security Deployment causes crime rate fall

DHAMAR, Dec 21(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Tuesday that crime rate has made a noticeable fall as soon as the Security Deployment plan started to enter force. Speaking to security cadets in the Republican Guard Barracks in Dhamar, President Saleh said that crimes of kidnapping, highway robbery and car stealing have witnessed a sharp decline since the enforcement of the plan started. “You are the fourth batch to be dispatched under the Security Deployment for extending the control of the Ministry of Interior and ensuring stability and security,” he said. “Economic, cultural and agricultural development are always concomitant with the security of citizens and investors.” The President said that “contrary to Yemen in the days of the Imamite dynasty when the citizens would bear the burden for the welfare of the regime, today’s Yemen is a kind of one where the Government bears the burden for the welfare of the citizens”. Saleh said the army is diverse and that his directives to the ministries of interior and defense, seven years ago, was to open “army recruitment centers” in all provinces of the country to keep diversity. AA/NSSABA