President Saleh supports peaceful change, says al-Shami

SANA’A, March 25 (Saba)-The head of the Information Department at the General People’s Congress (GPC) Tariq al-Shami has said that President Ali Abdullah Saleh is for a peaceful change but within the constitutional frameworks.”Presidential elections can be held to choose the one who can rule Yemen”, al-Shami added in an interview with Doha-based Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel Television.”The President also presented an initiative to hand over power to a government that is elected by parliament in early 2012 so that there would be a new political system and elections, through which the people can choose a president without any sort of coup against the constitution or constitutional legitimacy”, he added. Al-Shami went on to say that the initiative will prevent the country from falling into endless conflicts.”Our brothers in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States are well aware of the fact that any security chaos in Yemen and any coup against the Yemeni Constitution will certainly have an impact on the other countries in the region. Any Arab country that thinks it will be far from security chaos in other Arab countries will be mistaken”, he said.YASaba