President Saleh visits Central Security camp

SANA’A, March 11 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid Thursday a visit to the Central Security camp, where he was briefed on the conduct of training and rehabilitation of forces which will be transferred to Saada to maintain security and stability in the districts of the province. Addressing the Central Security forces, President Saleh praised officers and soldiers who will go to Saada in order to maintain security in the districts and secure the way for the return of people displaced by the war of insurgency led by al-Houthis in the province, northern Yemen. ‘’We hope the latest military confrontation is the last war in the province of Saada, and security and stability return to this province for boosting development process and rebuilding what the previous six war caused loses in developmental, cultural, educational and socially’’, he said. ‘’We are responsible for our citizens, whether they were in the side of the army or who were outlaws’’. The President urged the officers and soldiers and heads of districts in Saada to deal with the return of displaced well. ‘’The governor and senior security and military officials are responsible for all the citizens, who fought with the government or who were deluded’’. He pointed out that military and security were the protector of the homeland, the unity, freedom and democracy. YA Saba