President Saleh visits military camp

SANA’A, March 17 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh visited on Tuesday several facilities at the al-Sabeen Military Camp of the First Armored Division in the capital Sana’a. During his visit, President Saleh got acquainted with training programs run by the leadership of the al-Sabeen Camp, stressing the necessity of paying attention to the continuous military trainings in different areas in order to develop the soldiers’ skills and strengthen their abilities for performing their duties according plans prepared by Ministry of Defense.The President praised the heroic acts achieved by the First Armored Division’s soldiers through their national duties in defending the country and its republican power.”The soldiers should avail from all experiences and trainings during the field training operations or during the military missions”, said the President, calling for the soldiers to educate in the aspects of the sound scientific research which allows assisting the performance for enhancing the positives aspects and avoid the negative ones.President Saleh highlighted the qualitative leap achieved by armed and security forces during its construction and upgrading process, pointing out the government’s keenness to strengthen its defensive and security potentials through supplying them with up to date military equipments and weapons which enable them to carry out its duties competently.”We appreciate the efforts of the First Armored Division’s personnel to develop and enhance their duties and tasks”, said the president, adding that the armed and security forces are the symbol of the national unity which built on a national base where military recruitment camps receive thousands of youth coming from all governments of the country.He reconfirmed the importance of training to use effectively different military weapons and equipments so as to secure operating and maintaining them properly and achieve the wanted goals, wishing good luck and success.BA/YASaba