President Saleh visits Raimah

RAIMAH May 24 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid here on Wednesday a visit to Raimah governorate to see needs of the citizens.

President Saleh was welcomed by Raimah governor Ahmad Mussaid Hussein and top officials of the governorate as well as Sheikhs and social

The citizens highly appreciated declaration of President Saleh for Raimah as a governorate, saying that this decision supported the
governorate’s right in the projects and development.

Afterward, president Saleh launched 81 projects with total cost of YR 41 billion in framework of celebration of the Yemeni people on the
16th anniversary of the Yemeni reunification.
During the popular carnival held in the governorate, President Saleh delivered a speech said in which “I am pleased of the second visit to Raimah, at the beginning I congratulating you in this great occasion of the Yemeni unification that we celebrated in the last days.
He pointed to the projects which have been achieved in the governorate during the last two years.