President Saleh visits Republican Guards 4th brigade

SANA'A, Nov. 20 (Saba) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh has called for handing over the perpetrators of the presidential palace mosque's attack to the Attorney General's office.During a visit he paid Saturday to the Republican Guards 4th brigade, Saleh stressed that "the blood of our martyrs and wounded will not go in vain."Saleh confirmed his readiness to sacrifice for the country, addressing the brigade's officers and soldiers that "You are staying and will do, even if I leave office. You are the authority and will remain the revolution's safety valve all over the country."Concerning the military dissidents, the President said that they were misled and were still under the military corporation, asserting that neither their salaries nor all their necessities were ceased, "although they get [money] from other sides. We know from where they get it ... and why?"Saleh has warned of repeating attacks on the military camps in Arhab area, saying "the react will be stronger".The president affirmed keenness not to shed blood up to now, saying he prevented soldiers from shooting fire, even if they attacked.Moreover, the president visited the training center of the Republican Guards, inspecting the implementation of the 2011 combat, operational training and moral preparation.AF