President Saleh: We have professional laborers to join Gulf labor markets

SANA’A, (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh ordered the government to survey needs of local labor markets and in the Gulf Cooperation Countries states to provide more jobs for technical education graduates. “The government has to survey needs of labor market in countries of Gulf Cooperation Council so our professional laborers can get jobs,” said president Saleh in an honoring ceremony for 6236 graduates of technical education and vocational training institutes and society colleges of 81 specializations. He said that there are no jobless graduates from technical and vocational institutes. In the ceremony, President Saleh delivered a speech through which he congratulated graduates and said “today we are now harvesting the fruits of what we have planted as 6236 graduates who are being prepared to join labor market”. He voiced the importance of technical and vocational education, thanking supporters for this field, top of them the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which constructed a number of technical education institutes in Yemen. As we pay attention to dams and water barriers, to fishery wealth as a renewable resource to be a real alternative of oil, we also pay attention to technical and vocational education, he said. He welcomed all investments and said the government priorities is to give concern to local, brotherly and friendly investors and provide them all facilitations. We have a fishery wealth and new discoveries in field of gas and oil to be announced this year, he said. President Saleh concluded his speech as pointing out that latest riots do not represent any anxiety or fear about the national unity. Then Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training Ibrahim Hajri talked about improvements in technical education and that technical and vocational institutes have increased from six, distributed in six governorates in 1990s to 65 training and educational institutions across the country. He said that there are 45 institutes under construction with a total cost estimated at YR17,7 billion funded by the government. He indicating that there are also 18 other institutes under construction with the cost of $ 50 million granted by the Saudi Development Fund, in addition to a Poly-technical institute in Sana’a Secretariat being constructed by a loan from the Islamic Development Bank worth as much as $ 9 million. Meanwhile, the President had opened a show of different applied samples by some students covering electricity, computers, programs, medical and engineering equipments, handiworks by female students and others samples. The president praised these creative works of students that reflect the level of good qualification they got during their study, confirming that future is for technical and vocational training that help the government limit the number of jobless youth. He said that 500 graduates of technical institutes will join the armed forces units to help in maintenance works. Yemen has almost 64 technical institutes across the country. MS/NS