President says crime rate went down

SANA’A,(Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh said the crime rate went down significantly after the security deployment that covered large parts of the country. Closing the 2nd Annual Conference for the Northwest Military Region, President Saleh spoke highly of “many achievements” in realm of security that extended to cover Sufyan, Sa’ada, al-Qaflah, Amran and Hodeidah. He told the gathering military leaders the meeting would “provide an opportunity for you to assess the function and combat readiness” of your units. Saleh maintained that the armed forces is a “defensive institution” where military commands must be “strictly” complied with. “There is no democracy in this institution.” “Democracy is applied,” only to the official [civilian] institutions, he said. “The military institution is an icon for the national unity.” He said those who serve in the military institution must uphold allegiance to the Republic of Yemen and “defend its sovereignty of the land, the air and the sea.” “But those who contemplate entering the political life must leave first.” President Saleh said that what fosters patriotism, keeps alive a spirit of fraternity among the armed forces and makes “this institution safer” is the fact that the country is defended by a diverse and integrated military.