President: secessionism calls, anti-unity logos taken as major national felony

President: secessionism calls, anti-unity logos taken as major national felony
President: secessionism calls

SANA'A- President Ali Abdullah Saleh said Tuesday that the call for secessionism and raising logos against the great Yemeni unity are a major national felony, and those who support such misleading ridiculous calls are those who harmed the Yemeni people in the south at the time of separation along 25 years and practiced various kinds of suppression, oppression and torture against them.

This came during the president visit to Police College where he was received by the College officials and students.

"We know that police have great national tasks and for this reason you have joined this college for the sake of serving the nation and to get equipped with military, security and scientific training," Saleh said addressing the college students.

He urged all people of Yemen not to listen to this group of people who call for separation, saying "the Yemeni unity was established on 22 May, 1990 to rescue the country as a whole, north and south, from separation tragedies because there were northern-northern conflicts and confrontations every 3 to 5 years."

Saleh noted that those who want to take the country back to the past at the time of ignorance and illiteracy are merely dreaming as they are going in the wrong side.

Therefore, we know the greatness of the Yemeni unity and the importance of Yemen to be only one to face all kinds of challenges either they are military, security, terrorism or development or any other challenges, he emphasized.

President Saleh indicated that the rebellion causers in Saada governorate and Harf Sufian desperately tried to re-establish the Imamate racism system but the Yemeni brave military and security forces as well as the Yemeni people sacrificed in this ordeal for the sake of thwarting this bloody plot to protect this country and defend its revolution, unity, freedom, democracy and the national achievements.

He also noted that the Yemeni woman has become present and active in various work and production sectors side by side to man and they all form a one family across the country.

Saleh added that "if any of those, who beg support from outside, has any legal and constitutional demand, they can come to partake in our dialogue as the doors are open and the country can contain all its citizens."

He called all Yemenis to reject those who call for secessionism and also refuse logos separation callers raise. "We are all confident that all unity people across the nation will safeguard their unity," Saleh added.

Those who implement occupation projects and raise logos of the south before the unity we say to them "shame on you" as you raise such logos and try to deprive Yemenis in Abyan, Lahj and Shabwa governorates from being Yemenis.

He recommended students of the Police College to be hard working and practical as police work is set to be accurate and collective.

President affirmed that female students of the College will have a bright future beside their male classmates, saying "we welcome women education as we encourage they to be brought up according to the Islamic teachings along with adherence to the Yemeni traditions which do not go against Islam." .