President visits 48 Hospital in Sana’a


SANA’A, Jan. 30 (Saba)-President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid a visit on Saturday to the 48 Hospital in Sana’a capital where he made sure about health condition of a student who was injured among other students of Zabid School in al-Dhali province in attack by elements of vandalism.These elements attacked the students who rejected to response to a call of these elements to close the school.President Saleh condemned this criminal act committed by these outlaw elements, saying that these elements would not escape from the justice.He said that acts of separatists would not harm the unification of the nation.Moreover, president Saleh visited soldiers who are receiving treatment in the hospital as they were injured in battles in north- west region against rebels.He also held a meeting with Saudi medical team who is offering health services in the hospital, highlighting brotherly relationship between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.Meanwhile, president Saleh visited technical section of the republican guards where he inspected work in the section.AH