President visits Republican Guards Training Center, 9th Brigade Camp

DHAMAR, June 03 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid on Thursday a visit to the Training Center of the Republican Guards where he inspected implementation process of training and qualification programs. In his speech, he congratulated the soldiers on the 20th anniversary of the Yemeni Unification, praising the level of training in the Center and the high morale of the Center's personnel. He noted that the characteristic development is nowadays the real hub for military improvement, making clear that the establishment of such centers comes within reinforcing efforts of the modern improvement of the armed and security forces as well as promoting the defense abilities to prepare for qualified personnel able to perform their tasks effectively. On the other hand, President Saleh also visited the 9th Brigade Camp and inspected the overall situations in the camp with focus on training and qualification, urging combatants to further be equipped militarily. These visits of President Saleh come within his inspection visit to Dhamar governorate. AMAM Saba