President welcomes Gulf initiative

Sana'a, April 22 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh welcomed on Friday the initiative presented by foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council within efforts of the Gulf brothers to solve the current crisis in Yemen. He affirmed concern to deal with it positively within the framework of the constitutional legitimacy. In his speech at the Conciliation Friday in front of millions of his supporters, he welcomed them and affirmed to them commitment to the constitutional legitimacy as loyalty to the Yemeni masses who refuse coups against freedoms, democracy and political pluralism. "As you heard in some media outlets yesterday statements by some leaders in the Joint Meeting Parties who urged to target banks and the ministries of oil and foreign affairs to over take achievements of the Yemeni people over 49 years," Saleh said adding, "those elements are decreasing day after day in front of the Yemeni people and their strong will." He called to continue to confront those decaying elements, emphasizing the importance of not resorting to using weapons because "it is not easy to control them if the first bullet is fired." President Saleh strongly denied war and bloodshed and urged on people to keep on struggling to preserve achievements of Yemen in all governorates. AMAM