Presidential Decree forms SCER

SANA'A- A Presidential Decree No. 22 for 2010 was issued on Wednesday to form the Supreme Commission for Election and Referendum (SCER) stipulating the following:

President of the Republic of Yemen:

Upon perusal of the constitution of the Republic of Yemen and Law No. 13 for 2001 regarding elections and referenda and its amendments by Law No. 3 for 2006, Law No. 26 for 2006 and Law No. 26 for 2010,

And based on the list ratified by the Parliament which includes nominating 15 judges,

                                                    It is thereafter decided;

Article No. (1) : The Supreme Commission for Election and Referendum shall be formed by the judges listed as follows:

1- Mohammed Hussein Haidar al-Hakimi

2- Saba Mohammed Ismail al-Haji

3- Khamis Salim al-Daini

4- Yahya Mohammed al-Iryani

5- Samiah Abdullah Mahdi

6- Sharaf al-Deen Abdullah al-Mahbashi

7- Mohammed Abdullah al-Salimi

8- Sahl Mohammed Nasir

9- Ali Suleiman Ali

The last Article states the Decree shall come into force from the date of issuance and to be published in the official gazette.