Rebels should surrender to peace, security: Saleh says

SANA'A, July 25 (Saba) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh accented on Sunday that Houthi rebels should abide by the six-term deal under the supervision of the national committee in Sa'ada, Malahidh and Harf Sufian."Rebels should surrender to peace, security and stability", the President said in a speech delivered during a graduation ceremony of some special training courses in the Central Security camp."The state's option in Sa'ada governorate is peace, security and reconstruction" Saleh said, adding that the government is to allocate funds to reconstruct the rebellion-affected areas.Saleh called on the so-called southern movement not to incite riots and anarchy, renewing that "the door of responsible national dialog is open for all under the national constants".The president announced that about 52 rioters were freed yesterday, hoping to be good citizens.AF/AF