Revolution linked Yemen to neigboring countries

SABA, Sept- Although Yemenis were famous by their experience in trails roads due to their interests of trade and their country location among east and west roads, Yemen was famous by two roads of frankincense and spices which are : coastal road of Aden- Mareb- Baraqish- al-Sham and coastal road of Red Sea- al-Sham- Egypt. Those roads were absolutely rough as Imam rule had neglected paving them because Imam thought that the paved roads might broke solitude band imposed on the country’s areas. General Corporation of Roads has dated three phases of establishing and improving roads in Yemen: the first one in 1962-1977, the second in 1978-1989 and the third one started since Yemeni unification in 22 May 1990. During the first phase 1500 km of paved roads had been achieved between Hodiedah, Taiz, Sana’a, Dhamar, Ibb, Abyan and Hadhramout in addition to other roads in various areas of Taiz , Abyan and Lahj. In addition to paving pebble roads in length 286 km between the provinces Ibb, Taiz, Hodeidah and Hadhramout. The second phase which started when President Ali Abdullah Saleh came to authority has witnessed achieving 19 projects for paving roads in length 2000km between a number of provinces as well as 400 km of pebble roads in other provinces. The dream to unify the land and human being has become more possible by the beginning of 1990s which is considered the golden era, road sector would be started in 22 May 1990. Beside achieving hundreds of projects of paved and pebble roads between the provinces a number of roads had been paved between provinces in the two previous bisections as well as carried out a number of projects to reinforce those paved roads. During the period 1990-1997, 312km of paved roads had been achieved among of them Qotoba- al-Dhale road and other projects would be achieved in the coming period such as strategic road Safer-Hadhramout in length 1000km, projects of the couple roads in the crossings of Hodiedah and Taiz and projects of reinforcing next five roads as well as carried out 320 roads in length 700 in various provinces. According to reports of the Ministry of Roads and Public Works an international roads web in length 2260 is available in Yemen and link Yemen with neighboring countries. Official statistics affirmed that the current roads web in Yemen consists of 6000 km of asphalt roads and 3200 km of pebble roads as well as 54.000-60.000 km were paved by local councils and organizations and citizens. The Social Development Fund (SDF) and the Ministry of Roads and Public Works are carrying now a number of roads projects. Rural roads : A report of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation mentioned that they have stipulated with an international consultative company for preparing a general plan for rural roads web and identifying the priorities. The Project of Rural Roads will carry out roads connect a number of provinces with each others as groups (Taiz- al-Dhale- Lahj- Ibb) and ( Hadhramout- Shaboa- al-Mahrah- Abyan) and ( al-Mahweet-Hajja- Amran-Saada) where they established a number of units for those groups to pave the rural roads. SDF contributes to carrying out a number of projects of rural roads where it carried out 12 projects in various areas with cost YR 294 mln. The report said also that 30% of the benefits of Roads Conservation Fund of local councils were specified for asphalt and dust roads. Regional Connection Projects: The second five-year plan (2001-2005) has included establishing a connection network between border areas to link Yemen with neighboring countries by modern international connection network. That network has been divided into three pivots: The first one includes roads which link Yemen to neigboring countries passing through many provinces of Yemen. The length of this road is 4300km, it includes also the coastal road in length 1783km which connect between Saudi Arabia and Oman starting from Haradh on the Saudi borders to Hawf on the Omani borders. The coastal roads, totally 873km, are being implemented now. One of them is Saihot-Nashton road, 173km, part of it is financed by the Arab Fund and the rest is funded local and foreign funds. The second pivot of strategic roads is the desert road in length 1402 km which connects between Yemen and neighboring countries starting from Albeen area in Sa’ada province on the Saudi borders and ending in Shahan area in al-Mahara area on the Omani borders. The third strategic road extends from Albeen to Sa’ada, Amran, Sana’a,Taiz to Aden in length 459km. It would be carried out by the Saudi Fund and Yemeni government. The project is considered one of the greatest projects. JW/NSSABA