Sa’ada governor discusses with al-Salam sheikhs the needed projects in al-Salam region

SA’ADA, April 08 (Saba)- Sa’ada governor Mutahar Rashad al-Masari reviewed with sheikhs of al-Salam region in Kataf district needed projects for the region.They also discussed efforts paid to pass strife in some regions of the governorate and the damages on public processions due to devastation acts committed by outlaw elements.Al-Masari indicated to the directives of President Ali Abdullah Saleh regarding the implementation of development and service projects in the governorate.He praised the wise treatment of president Saleh with the outlaw elements and his tolerance and patience. He also said that the rebels must be committed in handing over their weaponry and come down from their hideouts in mountains and back to their home safely as good citizens.The governor also praised well efforts done by Qatar team to fulfill peace and security and cooperation of al-Salam citizens to face destroyed acts of the outlaw elements. The sheikhs affirmed their support for measures taken by the state against those who try to disorder security and stability of Yemen.AH/TN Saba