Saada Rebuilding Fund studies re- constructing Old Saada city

SAADA, March 28 (Saba)- Governor of Saada Taha Hajir said on Sunday that the Saada rebuilding fund started to prepare studies related to re construct Old Saada city.The governor asked to resume all services in Saada city, ordering to offer 800 bags of wheat for affected people. He confirmed that the process of rebuilding comes within concern of the political leadership represented by President Ali Abdullah Saleh who asked to allocate YR 20 billion to reconstruct the province.He asked Houthis to comply with six points of ceasefire announced by the state to insure security and stability in the province.On the other hand, the governor held a meeting with elders from al-Safra al-Hashwah districts of Saada province, calling on all for gathering efforts to achieve peace and stability in the province.They valued position of president Saleh to release peace in the province, confirming their support for the state to achieve this goal and rebuild the province.AH