Saleh affirms Yemen’s support for Palestinian rights

SANA’A, May 19 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh appealed on Saturday, during his meeting with the head of the Democratic National Organization in Palestine Azmi Bisharah, Palestinian Parties to keep their unification. Saleh talked with Bisharah about the Arab Peace Initiative and the possibilities for settling peace in the region as well as the challenges that face the exerted efforts in this regard, affirming Yemen’s support for Palestinian rights. They also discussed the late developments in Palestine in the light of increasing the Israeli violent acts against the Palestinian people. Bishara also briefed Saleh on the Israeli violations that the Palestinian people suffer from and the repression that he face to silence him from defending the Palestinian people’s rights, appreciating Saleh’s stances upholding the Palestinian fight to establish their independent state. TD/AF SABA