Saleh arrives in Taiz for inspection visit

TAIZ, (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh arrived Tuesday in Taiz to get acquainted with the overall situations in the governorate. On his way to Taiz, president inspected floods which moved through a number of areas, affirming the importance of constructing more dams to make best use of rains. Saleh paid a visit to Khalid bin al-Walid Camp where he feminized himself with training and qualification programs within the framework of the general training scheme for 2007. President congratulated them on Ramadan and national celebrations of 26th September, 14th October and 30th November, valuing the high fighting morale the camp affiliates have and the level the Yemeni armed forces reached in reinforcing its protective abilities and possessing advanced military and technical equipment. He asserted that the process of updating the country’s armed forces would continue on different levels. President also confirmed that armed and security personnel would be given all required care so as to better their lifestyle, training programs and qualification. AM/AM Saba