Saleh attends consultative meeting of interior ministry's officers

SANA'A, May 22 (Saba) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh attended on Sunday a consultative meeting of the Interior Ministry's officers dealing with the crisis's developments and its repercussion in the security and economic areas.During the meeting, President Saleh addressed the officers, reviewing the various aspects of the current crisis and its consequences as well as the obstinate positions of the Joint Meeting Parties (JMPs) and its partners in escalating the crisis and harming the nation's interest in order to achieve its coup on democracy and constitutional legitimacy.He touched upon the efforts made by the leadership to avoid that escalating and find a peaceful solution to the crisis via presenting many initiatives and concessions to avoid dragging the country into sedition and bloodshed and preserving the national achievements.He pointed to the Gulf Cooperation Council's initiative as the last endeavor, which we have dealt with positively in spite of its ambiguous texts that could create another crisis when interpreted and bad intention of the JMP towards the initiative.He stressed the need to deal with the gulf's initiative as a whole system, indicating that the political leadership has spared no effort to end the crisis peacefully.We called for an early presidential election to transfer powers peacefully via ballot boxes but they refused. They do not believe in democracy. They know how many affiliates they have in the Yemeni people, Saleh said.We are ready to sacrifice for the sake of our nation and not for our interests or to reach the presidency chair, Saleh added. HA/AF