Saleh directs to form committee of scholars as national dialogue reference

SANA'A, Sep.06 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh directed on Monday to form a committee of scholars to be a reference for all incidents and negative phenomena that appear from time to time. During his meeting with scholars in Al-Saleh Mosque, President Saleh said that this committee would be also a reference for the committee on the national dialogue. "As we set up a committee of dialogue, we want from the scholars committee to be a reference to all the issues and negative phenomena, including the national dialogue committee that was formed from all shades of the political work", Saleh said. He pointed out that the importance of the scholars' role in this stage to instruct the people, in particular those who have been misled by al-Qaeda and destabilize the public order in the provinces of Abyan, Marib, Shabwa, and Lahj. President Saleh noted that those misled elements have been released from prison many times under guarantees and awareness by scholars, and after that they returned again to disturb the public tranquility. "We along with all honest citizens everywhere will confront them with all strength ", Saleh added. He expressed his thanks and appreciation to the scholars for their advices and speeches. BA Saba