Saleh expresses hope Doha summit ends up with more positive results

SANA’A, March 29 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh expressed on Sunday hope that Arab leaders approve the Yemeni initiative to activate the Arab joint work represented by establishing an Arab union which was approved by the Arab Parliament in its meeting lately in Damascus. In an interview with the Qatari newspaper Al-Sharq, published on Sunday, president hoped that the Arab summit in Doha comes out with more positive results, affirming the importance of continuing the achievement of the Palestinian reconciliation. He said that the Arab Peace Initiative is very clear to the international community, the United States of America, the European Union and Israel and it will not be on the table for ever which will force Arab nation to take a stand. Saleh renewed that the Arab unity is the only way to achieve peace and it is not possible to achieve peace with the Netanyahu’s government without it. As for Yemen’s accession to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), president said that the accession of Yemen to eight Gulf institutions is considered a positive step. He expressed comfort with ties with the opposition, noting it is part of democracy in Yemen and they believe in dialogue. President re-affirmed that Yemeni union is protected by the will of the Yemeni people and they are keen to keep their country unified. As far as the ruling system in Yemen is concerned, president said “we are governed by the constitution and it does not include any kind of inheritance for power,” adding that “anybody has the right to run for presidency.” Saleh made clear that Yemen relation with the new US administration is the same with the previous US administration, saying that “we hope Obama’s administration to be more understanding for the region issues, specially the Palestinian issue, and there are positive indicators in this regard.” He reviewed procedures taken by Yemen to face piracy acts in the Indian Ocean. “We have activated Yemeni coast guards and they managed to foil a number of piracy attempts in our regional waters,” Saleh said. President also affirmed that Yemen is working to attract investment in different fields, welcoming all investment and made clear that Yemen Investment Law provides all facilities for all investors. Saleh described the Yemeni-Qatari relations as distinguished and based on respect, trust and partnership, saying that “we have excellent diplomatic, economic and political relations with Qatar.” AM/AM Saba