Saleh, GCC officials discuss the arrangements for Donors’ Conference

SANA’A, Nov 01 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh met on Wednesday the Secretary General of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Abdul- Rahmman al-Attiya and GCC’s Finance and Foreign minister of who are currently visit Yemen to participate in the joint ministerial meeting of the Yemeni-Gulf foreign ministries. They briefed president Saleh on the outcomes of the Yemeni-Gulf Technical Committee regarding the preparations for the Donors’ Conference to be in London next month. President Saleh welcomed the GCC officials, confirming that the Yemeni-Gulf relations are remarkable and unique. Hopping from the conference to come out with good results support the development in Yemen, enhance Yemen’s economy to qualify it merging in the GCC states economies. He pointed out the significant role of the GCC support for bringing success to the Donors’ Conference, confirming that Yemen is the geographical intensity for the Gulf countries. Saleh also called for establishing fund includes the entire required sum for the conference under the observation of GCC, to guarantee funding sources for the development, investment and strategic projects. “We don’t want any thing from this fund, we don’t like it to enter in the treasury, but what we want is to implement all the strategic and investmental projects under the supervision of fund in coordination with the Yemeni government to achieve the entire benefit for Yemeni people. ” Saleh said.President Saleh got the GCC officials to convoy his greetings to their countries leaders. The GCC officials expressed their thanks for the president, confirming that the Yemeni-Gulf relations are strong and confirming that their countries are ready to offer the essential support to enhance the development march in Yemen. TD/TN SABA