Saleh :Gulf initiative needs mechanism to ensure its success

SANA'A- President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Saturday that the Gulf initiative to end Yemen's crisis needs an executive mechanism of time and sequence so as to ensure its success.

"We look at the Gulf initiative as an indivisible integrated system ", Saleh added in an interview with the Saudi Okaz Newspaper.

He confirmed that he would not allow chaos and coup on the constitutional legitimacy, revealing that there are foreign schemes targeting Yemen's security.

What is currently happening in Yemen is a part of the wave in the region within what so-called the creative anarchy or the new Middle East, and the opposition joint meeting parties (JMPs) imitate what occurred in Tunisia and Egypt, Saleh explained.

He noted that the JMPs agreed with each other on feuding with the regime claiming its toppling because they are incapable of providing something useful to convince people of it.

"We have dealt with this contrived crisis and its repercussions for over three months and a half with wisdom and patience, and we have made efforts and still to spare the country from sliding into the abyss of discord and bloodshed", said Saleh.