Saleh has no intention to extend ruling Yemen, says FM

ABU DHABI, March 08 (Saba) - Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi briefed here on Tuesday his Gulf counterparts on the initiative of President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced at a Parliament and Shura Council's meeting recently of his intention not to extend his rule or confer power to his son. The 6th Ministerial Coordination Meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Yemen Foreign Ministers meeting discussed Tuesday the upcoming meeting of Friends of Yemen Group scheduled to be held in Riyadh. Al-Qirbi briefeed the Gulf ministers on the latest development in the Yemeni arena, noting to the initiative of clerics which was agreed on by the government and rejected by the opposition. The minister pointed out to cooperation relations between Yemen and the GCC states as well as the significance of full partnership among them, particularly in the light of challenges facing Yemen and the region. He pointed out that the meeting would focus on supporting Yemen development plans. Solving Yemen economic problems, topped by unemployment and poverty,as well as implementing strategic projects would contribute to reduceing tension in the political track, he added. In return, the GCC ministers praised the steps taken by Yemen to carry out reforms aimed to enhance Yemen economy and improve investment environment which would help in integrating Yemen economy with the GCC's. The ministers affirmed their country's support for Yemen's unity,security and stability as well as efforts to promote the national dialogue. The meeting reviewed the current arrangements to hold the ministerial meeting of Friends of Yemen Group and papers submitted by Yemen. GCC Secretary-General Abdul-Rahman Al-Attyah urged the participated countries in the coming meeting to support Yemen and offer aid needed during the fourth development plan. He also called to adopt the recommendations of the joint technical committee in its 9th meeting. FJAM Saba