Saleh inspects al-Qahira Castle

TAIZ, May 19 (Saba) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid on Wednesday an inspection visit to al-Qahira historical castle in Taiz.Saleh has inspected the current restoration work in the castle, which is considered one of the historical, tourist and cultural monuments in the governorate.He hailed the efforts exerted by the local council for restoring this archaeological castle, noting that the restoration process comes within the keenness of preserving this important monument for being a site for attracting tourists.According to historical sources, the construction of the castle dates back to Sulaihi State nearly in the fifth century AH. Sultan Abdullah Mohammad Assulaihi was the ruler who built the castle.The castle had been used as a store for grain and ammunition and military equipment. There some manuscripts showed that the castle has been built before Islam.Al-Qahira Castle located on the highest mountain in Taiz city, Saber, about 1500 meters above sea level.The President also visited the museum which set up in the castle. It included tombstones dating back to the State of Bani Rasul as well as silver ornaments, Yemeni daggers, ancient guns and many other antiquities belonging to Ottoman period.FJ/AF